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Open Our Elections!

Let's open our elections so all Sarasota registered voters can vote for our local officials.

We must amend our Sarasota County Charter to allow for non-partisan local elections!
Le'ts AMEND our County Charter to Open Our Elections!
We are a local group of Republicans, Democrats, Independents and others who have come together to Open Our Elections to all Sarasota County voters.

It's wrong that in many of our local elections, over 56% of our voters cannot participate in deciding who will represent them in important local offices. That's what happens today, when only members of the majority party run and the election is determined in a party primary, with everyone else excluded due to a loophole in state law.

We also believe there is not a Republican or Democrat way to run the Supervisor of Elections office or to be Clerk of Court, County Commissioner, Charter Review Board member, Sheriff, Tax Collector or Property Appraiser. Those positions should be elected to serve ALL the people.  

Our School Board members, judges and City Commissioners are all elected on a non-partisan basis -- why not the other offices as well?

With a broader base of voters and candidates, we also hope that more honest and open choices will be made.  

Please see more of the reasons behind the Charter amendment on our 'The Reason' page.

Open Our Elections is working to obtain enough petitions to place the non-partisan election question on the Sarasota County ballot. We need over 10,000 signatures so every one is important. Please print out the petition, sign it and mail it back to us today. Please also send a link to the web site or a copy of the petition to others and ask them for their support. Share our Facebook page. Please also donate your time or funds to the cause if you can.

Partisan politics has no place in our local government. 

We need to Open Our Elections.

With your help, we can make it happen.

Susan Lang, President

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